The Double (2011)

Seriously?  So the plot is given away before we even watch the preview?

So I’m guessing it’s more of a double entendre?  But which?
The FBI finding a/the 30-year mole in the CIA?  (read: inter-agency squabbling)
The FBI finding a/the 30-year mole in the CIA?  (read: redemption of Angleton?)
The fact that anti-communism movies still exist in the US?
That there were two double agents?
The double life lived by government intelligence agents?
The undeniably illegal detention of Brutus for years in our modern era of rendition?
The fact that Richard Gere of Pretty Woman fame beats the fucking shit out of a prostitute, threatens to blow her brains out and drop her body in the river?

I liked the movie just fine.  I liked seeing Gere as a bad guy.  I think there were some loose ends in the plot and I think having Agent Geary compromised added nothing to the plot and actually detracted from my enjoyment of the movie.  I understand the parallels implicated in their choice of endings but I think it weakened the narrative.

Kryptos moment:  Wasn’t really one in this movie except the Crossword cipher and the reliance on a lot of unspoken CIA back-story.

Notable moment:  That we never really knew just how much Tom Highland knew or suspected.

UPDATE:  Anyone else see parallels between Brutus and Yuri Nosenko?