The Real CIA by Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Jr.


Do I recommend this book to Kryptos fans?  Yes.  It fits in very, very well with later works like The Art of Intelligence by providing the continuity in history that the others miss.  I would also say that it provides eerily symmetrical accounts albeit by a predominately organizational versus operational outlook.

So from the COI to the OSS to the CIG to the CIA and into the late 60’s, here is a a broad-strokes overview of policy and bureaucracy by the Inspector General.

Have I learned anything that would help solve Kryptos?  No, not really, but it has deepened my understanding of the CIA quite a bit.  I think that if James Sanborn was the father of Kryptos then Ed Scheidt was the mother or at least a very close aunt, maybe a step-mother.  Anything that helps us understand him in context will certainly help understand the points of reference into which Kryptos was meant to be formed.

I do have an underlying suspicion daily growing stronger that Kryptos now is not how Kryptos was originally planned.

One final thought:  the CIA’s efforts in modern-day Afghanistan were basically a Bay of Pigs that worked.  Both were appealing but flawed concepts that lacked long-term possible success.