Point of No Return (1993)

The effort at an English version was only a derivative version of Luc Besson’s 1990 “Nikita”.

Doesn’t improve on it very much.  Fonda looks like a preteen but she’s 29 when this movie was made.  The overly fetishistic and repetitive shots of her skinny ass in panties were a little disconcerting.  She doesn’t really sell it for me but Gabriel Byrne did a decent job.  Fonda could do sullen but couldn’t dig deep enough for the drug addled crazy and certainly couldn’t pull off the awkward transition to womanhood.

Not to sound like a snob but watch the original, it’s a little more messed up but overall a better job.  The European elements made things a little more confusing when ported into American cinema.  It wasn’t noticeable back then because everyone assumed the faceless government was capable of all this and more.  Two mutually exclusive ideas held paradoxically.  “We’re a Democracy!”  “Sure, the government probably owns people like slaves and forces them to kill or be killed.”  This movie brings in the “everyday person” becomes a spy working for an evil intelligence agency nonetheless fighting for the good of their country and then doubles down with rejection of the transitory life experienced during the movie for a return to what?  Normal life?  What are we supposed to believe she is walking away to?  Her past was an anti-meth ad and her present was covert assassin.  PTSD times infinity?  Good luck!

Final thought, what guarantee does she that she is actually working for the real government?  Sydney Bristow thought the same thing under very similar conditions.



p.s. The Claude Rains cameo was awesome but I don’t know that movie.