Ek Tha Tiger Once there was a Tiger (2012)

Hol-y shitballs…  that was awesome!

I don’t want to ruin too much but it’s sort of a Clark Kent and Lois story, has an expected twist, an unexpected twist, a surprise and then continues as a different kind of movie that if I described would ruin all of the movie.

This is probably my favorite Bollywood movie of all time.

Go watch it.  If you’re curious why it is so good, keep in mind 1994’s True Lies.  The story-lines are completely different but they both achieve a wonderful fusion of serious and silly, murder and romance.  Either could have been hamstrung by the over-the-top moments but through talented directing and star talent, it works.  I realized it’s partly because the male lead is charismatic and likeable and the female role is strong and interesting.  It’s not a perfect balance of gender equality/relationships in either case, but at the core of some of our favorite movies is a good story of a man and woman.  Weak movies replace a suitable partner with “convenient boobs” which is only an expedient mirage.

Is it paradigm shifting profound cinema that will change a generation?  No.  But when you realize how many crappy “spy” movies have been made over the years then you’ll appreciate the good ones when you find them.  Besides, how many CIA/NSA/FBI/Mi5/Mi6/KGB movies have you seen and how many RAW or ISI movies have you seen?

Go see it, it’s worth it.  Watch it with someone you love or wish you could love then follow your heart.