The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Ah, the book that started it all for many Kryptos fans.  On the one hand the cover contest with clues and hidden messages inspired thousands to find out who WW was, on the other it clogged the field with conspiracy theorists and wild speculation. 

The book itself is not terrible, not compared to Brown’s overt gnostic soapboxing.  The foundation of the story is built on a specious intellectualism that would make anyone from Nag Hammadi proud. 

The code/cipher content of the book spices up the mystery/detective story and provide plot movement.

Is the Kryptos tie-in a clever PR move or a result of Brown’s obvious fascination with ciphers and symbology?

The Da Vinci Code is a classic piece of sensationalist popular literature.  What it is not is a reason to rethink Christianity, rewrite the Bible, or demonize churches.  I’d recommend reading the gnostic literature, read the Bible if you haven’t already and realize that there are far more organized religions than catholicism.

I’d recommend it, surprisingly, due to the tie-in with Kryptos and to understand the hype (especially if you’re religious at all).

I’d also recommend you read this OR Angels and Demons but not to waste your time with both because they’re basically the same book.