The Nude Bomb (1980)

Would you believe this is the second Maxwell Smart movie I’ve ever seen?  Would you believe that Steve Carrell did pretty well in the 2008 version?  Would you believe I need to go watch it again now that I’ve seen the original?  Would you believe a 1980s PG movie would have lingerie, underwear shots, nude people and the ubiquitous 1980s booby shot?  Would you believe it if I told you that once I knew Mel Brooks was involved all the jokes began to make sense?  Would you believe it’s a pretty decent send up of the the genre?  Would you believe I haven’t seen the tv show?  Would you believe that I may not have the time or inclination to do so?  Would you believe this movie came out 10 years after the end of the first tv series?  Would you believe I narrated all of that in my head with Don Adams voice?

Classic 80s movie, classic spy movie.

Maybe not the best movie, maybe not the worst but it should make any “you have to watch this” list for the spy genre.  It kept the core value of appealing to the desire people had to see each in other in not much clothing or naked or having sex but did it without the passive aggressive social commentary on gender relationships in the Flint movie.  This was an awkward pubescent phase for cinema that lasted at least from 1965-1990.