I got an interesting email today that wasn’t directly from the NSA…

NSA Will Process Documents Concerning Cryptanalysis of CIA KRYPTOS
Sculpture Upon Request

The National Security Agency will provide documents concerning studies of
the CIA Kryptos Sculpture upon written request. Private individuals who
want these documents will be obliged to agree in their request to pay
approximately $44 in search fees, but representatives of the newsmedia can
obtain these documents at little or no charge.

Just visit this page:


which provides an online request form, fax number and also a mailing address

and ask for:

A copy of each document at the National Security Agency concerning the
famous KRYPTOS sculpture located on the grounds of the Central Intelligence
Agency. Please review and release both documents that have already been
made available as well as documents that have not yet been reviewed and/or
released. I am particularly interested in documents regarding the as-yet
undecrypted fourth message.

I don’t think it’s an official response but more someone being helpful which is never a bad thing.