The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I was interested in this one despite my harsh criticisms of Dan Brown.  Unfortunately, as a Kryptos fan I was disappointed to find that it only appeared in 4 pages and these could have easily been left out.  The cameo was disjointed and out of place as were his attempts to mollify Jim Sanborn.  As a mason, I was disappointed that I’ve been missing out on planning the new world order and rubbing shoulders with a secret cabal of the most powerful men on earth.  I feel bad for the York Rite being left out of the story.  I like the masons and it was odd to read bits and pieces sprinkled here and there for maximum potboiler effect.  But was it surprising that the author Dan Brown would do so?

I’m not Catholic so the Opus dei is out but I’m thinking of starting up my own Illuminati group in my town if anyone is interested.  Of course, I can’t actually tell you where we are but if you can find us then you can join.

As far as Dan Brown books go, it was par for the course.  I think I’d like to see Dan Brown write the next one without the pretense and just make Robert Langdon a full-fledged gnostic.  The Nag Hammadi library is often available in one volume and would basically write his next 5 books for him.  That is, if you prefer blasphemy anyways.