Kryptos K4 does not use a Pollux or Morbit cipher.  Neither does the Morse code sheets.  At least not Pollux or Morbit by themselves.

I was in too much of a hurry.  This usually isn’t a problem but I ignored a very simplistic factor in these two ciphering systems.

The output is numbers.  Therefore the ciphertext must be in numbers to decrypt it.  This is why I wasn’t able to get a solution.

Yeah, you could use some other cipher that could use those numbers to get letters.  By themselves, these two are not enough, they would have to be paired with a number-to-letter substitution scheme.  It’s not impossible that this was used in K4 but this falls into the realm of a multiple step problem with all of the strengths and weaknesses those methods entail.

I’m glad to have this cleared up.  Fractionated Morse ciphering is still a viable option but allows for the use of a keyed-alphabet so more than a basic analysis would be needed – or knowledge of the keyword.