So I’m showing all the results I obtain because it’s possible I’ll miss something.  I’m showing them to make a complete story so to speak about the whole process.  I’m showing them also in order to save them in case I want to go back later on with a modified scheme for solving K4.

At this point, there will be 14-15 iterative results for each transposed text.  This isn’t going to be the most exciting stuff you’ve ever read so be assured that I fully plan on making a big fuss over any partial recovered text that is at least 8-10 letters long in series.  I feel safe picking this number for the moment because I doubt that I’ll find a lot of false alarms at all.  I expect meaningless gibberish to be the result of things not working. 

So for better or worse, here are my results.

Experiment One
Experiment Two

Experiment Three
Experiment Four
Experiment Five
Experiment Six
Experiment Seven
Experiment Eight
Experiment Nine

Experiment Ten