Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010)

Ahhh, the stuff they put in kids movies these days.

Satellite codes, disguised infiltration, massive and highly technical covert infrastructures, lasers – net guns – jetpacks – bombs – etc., task forces, most wanted lists, safe houses, kidnapping, penetration and infiltrations, enemy indulgences in counterculture, torture, top secret high security prisons, infiltration of German installations, minority ethnic headhunters, all covert action with little intelligence, non-official cover and absurdly defined Others that still allows for inter-Agency cooperation for terrorist interdiction.

One point that clearly resonated is that a cop dog would most likely go into an FBI clone instead of CIA one, especially with the emphasis on domestic activities.  Although he would have wanted her arrested instead of leaving her as a cotton candy (but free to do more damage and with more motive) mess.

I liked the attempt to show headquarters as a bureaucratic office job despite this movie being a thinly-veiled Bondian homage.  I also liked how they show the other side of “the mole” with “the renegade agent”.

So this is an effort to produce something family friendly but they are using the “normal guy enters secret intelligence agency” movie vehicle that you see in a lot of non-Bond movies despite the Bond references.  The recruitment section is muted with no training montage which is interesting because they get what they paid for in an uncontrolled and inexperienced field agent being sent out for highly important first assignment.  Despite the “shocking” cooperative efforts, if a dismissed agent really went off with a typically enemy agent to their headquarters then even the slightest efforts at counterespionage would certainly write him off as having been turned.

“Just like real spies, only furrier!”  Would have been better as, “Just like real spy movies, only furrier!”