Let George Do It! To Hell With Hitler (1940)

Okay, so George Formby grew on me.  With his ridiculous voice and ugly face, he was reminiscent of a 1940’s Pauly Shore.  At first I just groaned and was prepared to agonize through the rest of the movie.  Surprisingly enough though, he’s not bad and has a pretty classic sense of comedic timing.  Not only that but he does a decent on-the-edge-of-being-dirty song that is more witty than an Adam Sandler song and with more implications.  So transport an inexplicable mid-1990’s lowbrow comedian and buff him up with more training and musicality and you’ve got George Formby.  He’s an odd duck but he has more on-screen charisma or “star-power” than some of the bland white guys in suits you get in more classic spy movies from this era.

The movie itself was great.  The plot gets interrupted by the songs and his 4th wall breaks but it’s a decent case of mistaken identity common man turned spy for the girl.  I like the songs as well, once you pay attention to what they are actually about anyways.  The story was more believable than usual and more interesting than usual.  I liked the actual use of a secret code that wasn’t ridiculous.  The dream sequence was pretty bizarre but not incompatible with the rest of the movie.

It wasn’t one of the greats but it was better than average and fun to see.

It might be a little challenging to find but worth it if you can locate it, just don’t get discouraged if you can’t.  I had a Russian friend help out oddly enough…