The solutions, however, were Sanborn’s alone, and he did not share them with Scheidt. “I assumed the first three sections would be deciphered in a matter of weeks, perhaps months,” Sanborn says. Scheidt figured the whole puzzle would be solved in less than seven years.

 -Wired Magazine, 04/20/09,

What was seven years from the Kryptos install?


How many letters in the last part?


Significant?  Maybe.  Depends on how many times they say it would take 7 years.  This is probably just another bit of Kryptos randomness.  It achieves several things however.  After some frustration with my current efforts to solve Kryptos, I needed some form of new direction to take.  It also allows me to “file” future solution efforts under a different section.  This prevents some sections of this blog from becoming swamped with links and opens the door for some more random efforts.

Amateur Hour


Comparing the sections   

What’d Ed do?   

Coriolis Effect 

What about the whirlpool 

Never Mind 

What a relief 

Video Screenshots 

Ed says no 


The fine line 

Secrets of the caveman 

Oh, that’s a Sanborn 

Is the masking technique known? 

How many? 


Design Issues 

Masking vs. English