Wired News: How did you help Jim Sanborn with Kryptos?
Ed Scheidt: I provided the cryptographic process as well as worked with him with what he was looking to do as far as the story (the sculpture would tell). We came up with a methodology using some of the known cryptographic solutions (at the time).
(WIRED Interview, 01/21/05)

Ah, see, “came up with a methodology”.  There’s a disparity between Sanborn interviews and Scheidt interviews.  Jim often describes how Ed taught him and he took that education to build his own project.  Ed talks about a very collaborative effort and suggests that he was intimately acquainted with the whole project.

He also talks about helping with the message.

Doesn’t it seem odd that Jim downplays Ed’s role so very much?  Unless it is rather that Ed wants more of the spotlight?

One of em is a jerk.