I don’t have an embed code (yet!) but if you follow the link you can see Sanborn’s Big Techday 6 talk.

Kryptos – on the fusion of art and science

I really liked it.  It’s nice hearing him talk about the whole of his work and describing the transitions.  He may say he’s an anathemamath but all of the electrical work, the physics, researching pieces, collecting parts, etc. is fairly impressive for one guy.  I know he has assistants but they must have to sign some lengthy non-disclosure agreements because we don’t ever hear from them.

Things I picked up on?  He’s not a big fan of the CIA and NSA.  He really liked doing the encryption in handwritten spreadsheets as “matrixes”.  He really liked K1 and K2 encryption but K3 was all about just randomly turning and rearranging the letters.  He indicates that it starts with the question mark.  And he alludes again to visual encryption systems.

Not much but we glean what we can where we can.

Seeing the pictures doesn’t do the later pieces justice.  I’m sure they’re great in a museum but it’s hard to care when you see the radium clocks stuck at 5:30 until he actually explains everything.

Anyone else see something?