The Trojan War Will Not Take Place by Jean Giraudoux

“They’ve become now a kind of symbol of love’s devotion.  They don’t still have to love each other.”  -Cassandra

“And it promises well that this first council of war should be, not a council of generals, but a council of intellectuals.  For it isn’t enough in war-time to have our soldiers drilled, well-armed, and spectacular.  It is absolutely necessary to bring their enthusiasm up to fever pitch.  The physical intoxication which their officers will get from them by a generous allowance of cheap wine supplied at the right moment, will still be ineffective against the Greeks, unless it is reinforced by the spiritual and moral intoxication which the poets can pour into them.  If we are too old to fight we can at least make sure that the fighting is savage.”  -Demokos

“Responsible and ashamed?  Do you think so?  The two words hardly agree.  Even if we believed we were responsible for the war, all our generation would have to do would be to deny it, and lie, to appease the conscience of future generations.  And we shall lie.  We’ll make that sacrifice.”  -Ulysses

Read this one.  Make sure you read it twice though.

It’s interesting to read this one with the knowledge that Giraudoux was prominent between WWI and WWII especially given Hector’s stance in the play.  I would say it was also immediately relevant after WWII as well and then between both Persian Gulf wars by the US.  If the interminable War on Terror would ever end then I would recommend it become required reading in classrooms.

Kryptos moment?  No, it does have some Greek mythology references, kin to those which are potentially inherent in Kryptos.