Subterfuge (1968)

I think it’s an indication of a movie’s quality that the only videos you can find on YouTube are from the leather fetish crowd.  At least someone enjoys watching this movie, although not for the story, actors or film-making.

I thought the most significant part of this movie was the latent passive-aggressive resentment that the British intelligence had towards the American.  It’s a little strange considering that during WWII and immediately after, the British trained many of the intelligence, espionage, and counterespionage agents of the US.  UK-US intelligence relations are interesting in general, probably going all the way back to the 1775.

That’s it though.  Gene Barry was terrible and Joan Collins tried but failed to make it work.  Do you get the joke?  No?  Don’t worry, it’s not worth watching the movie to find out.

It’s a spy movie but not very good or interesting.  I suppose the best description is that it’s a mole hunt movie.  Another description would be failing marriage-adultery-custody battles.

My advice?  Don’t bother.