The Cold Light of Day (2012)

Don’t waste your time and diminish your enjoyment of Man of Steel by watching this one.

I find myself baffled by my indifference to Will’s plight.  He’s such an asshole that I don’t want even to call him an antihero because that term has begun implying a flawed hero instead of a protagonist missing vital qualities of a hero.  Will is a selfish and arrogant fuck of a boy-man whose only redemption is in outliving the bad lady long enough to save his family.  I’m pretty sure the original screenplay had cast a 17 year girl with a Twitter addiction but they wanted a Cavill vehicle a year before Man of Steel.

Maybe Will was just miscast?  I personally loved that everyone acted like Martin was a big shitbird but he wasn’t as bad as Will at any point.  I did like that he got shot, I know it’s terrible, but it was such a surprise to see a big name willing to take a bullet to further another actor’s career.  Sigourney Weaver was great as a villain, reminiscent of Cate Blanchett’s Marissa Wiegler from a year before but less creepy.  Everyone else was just background noise.

The movie has big names, action scenes and some twists but nearly everyone complaining about it says the same things.  It’s boring, it’s curiously bland, why was this movie made, why wasn’t it direct to dvd, it’s dull and insipid, it’s tepid, it’s lame and stupid, etc. etc.

#1  I’m surprised Will came back to the boat at all.  I figured he was headed for the airport.

#2  I’m surprised his family didn’t sail away intentionally.

It’s a spy movie but not one that’s worth your time.