(This contest has been won)

In the process of trying substitution ciphers in languages foreign to me, I’ve realized that it would be beneficial to attempt it with some idea of what to look for if I end up getting it right. Oh gee, wouldn’t that be nice, right? I thought I could come up with some on my own but it would be so much more fun to offer it as a contest/challenge.

K4 Message Challenge
Prize: $10 worth of scratch lottery tickets (USA only, if you live somewhere else we’ll figure something else out)

The Challenge:
The challenge was to write a plaintext message that James Sanborn could/would have written in the fourth part of his Kryptos sculpture.

Could only be 97 letters long, could use null characters where appropriate.
No profanity or sexual innuendo.
Must indicate the completion of the Copperplate deciphering.
Must also indicate that there is a larger puzzle or remaining message of some kind yet to be found.
It had to be in English

The Winner:


Gary Phillips won* this competition with his entry:


Congratulations Gary, you won!

*After scratching his tickets, Gary had a winning ticket for $17 and 9 that didn’t win.

Kryptos Fan