The Cat Burglar (1961)

Holy crap I love the trailers for some of these.

Call this one interrupted espionage.

You can’t really blame the studios for churning these out.  They had the lots, the props, the movies, the actors lying around and some time on their hands.  That’s why critics loved the 70’s because the film studios started going broke and had to sell all their shit.

It was fun and technically a spy movie because it was an American trying to sell military/scientific secrets to those Other guys.  Plus it’s short.  Jack Hogan is sort of a discount Marlon Brando and June Kenney looks like Tinkerbell.  The rest is cast with the guys whose voices inspired Jack Palance’s Carl Grissom.  Also, it’s worth it for the horn blasts after dramatic lines.

Don’t watch it because it was good, because it’s not.  Watch it because it’s awesome and ridiculous.