The Glass Bottom Boat The Spy in Lace Panties (1966)

How this movie was made during Bond hysteria, I’ll never know.

Doris Day isn’t very pretty to me but she was a lot of fun.  She’s cute and a little clumsy but not to the point of misogynist mockery.  She’s available but has some depth as she works through her feelings for Templeton in the context of being a widow.  At times she visually reminds me of Major Hotlips Houlihan with a haircut.  His visions of her dressed up as a spy were hilarious and wonderful.  And yet the things she overheard on the phone were horrible.  I love her dad played by Arthur Godfrey and Dom DeLuise was hilarious.  Rod Taylor reminded me of George Clooney at times.  All in all, she got the short end of the stick by most of the men she meets but I’d like to think she held her own.

This is one of the few funny spy movies of this period that was actually humorous.  There was a little bit of space race context, a little Jetsons, some classic espionage and counterespionage, communist spies, CIA, and classic romantic comedy as well.  When they sing through the verses of The Glass Bottom Boat, there’s this wonderfully genuine joy in that moment that made me really, really like her.

I really liked it.  It’s a great spy movie in the decade of dreck.

So go watch it!