Spy Kids (2001)

Critically acclaimed commercial success is not what I would have originally used to describe this movie but that’s what it is.  After reading some of the reviews, I get where they are coming from.  It’s not about crotch shots or poop jokes or swearwords.  It’s not about sex and violence either.  That being said…

WTF is up with Floop’s Fooglies, I get the fact that most kid’s stories are weird but seriously?  The weird computer generated special effects just make it worse.  The whole thing is just a nightmare.  A very specific child’s nightmare too where the actual parents become the monsters and children are mindless killing machines.

The hyperbolic origin story of the parents is awesome and the idea that spies were created almost like biological weapons is somewhat unique.

The notion that spying has some heritability is completely unique however.  You could argue that OK Connery explored a similar vein but this movie really cements the idea that the children of spies are exceptional and exceptionally suited to spy-work.

It’s worth seeing.  I probably won’t sit through the sequels but it’s worth watching the first one at least.  They are only sort of young kid friendly but older children won’t mind Floop’s acid-trip mansion.