Traitor (2008)

Was it good?  Yeah, of course it was good.  Don Cheadle was more than great.  Guy Pearce, Saïd Taghmaoui, Neal McDonough, Jeff Daniels, Alyy Khan were all great.  The filmmaking and story backed up their performances and it was an overall really well-done movie.

It was also a very smart movie and Jeffrey Nachmanoff clearly took the time to do his homework.

You won’t like it if you think all Muslim believers are terrorists.  You won’t like it if your heroes wear white hats, get the girl and ride off into the sunset.  You won’t like it if you want last second bomb defusing.  You won’t like it if you think it’s unpatriotic to empathize with Americans or Muslim believers.  You won’t like it if you’re sick of movies that seem to confuse the issues of who and what terrorism is compared with media portrayals from the last 12 years.  You won’t like it if you want to think that the US government would never allow innocent people to die to achieve a larger goal.  You won’t like it if you prefer action heroes who shoot every terrorist on site instead of stealthily infiltrating their network.  But, if you didn’t like it for reasons outside of the movie itself then it’s worth really thinking through what was offensive and trying to change your perspective.

I’ll be honest though, I had a hard time believing Don Cheadle could even be a bad guy so some of the suspense and ambiguity at the beginning didn’t play very well.  Also, at first I was wondering why it was FBI and not CIA but that was a set up for the end of the movie.

I liked it but it’s another intense one so don’t expect cheesy action blockbuster mechanics.