The Gulf War Did Not Take Place by Jean Baudrillard

“Be meteorologically sensitive to stupidity.”  -Jean Baudrillard

Ok, the best commentary I can give is to go read Baudrillard.  It won’t make you un-American or un-Islamic.  It won’t turn you into a communist or democratic capitalist.  It won’t corrupt or pervade your reason or morals or beliefs.  Try to sift through the verbage and try not to get distracted by the rhythmic patois flow of his streaming consciousness.

If you’re looking for the in-betweener that comes after WWII but between the Cold War and the War on Terror then start with these Baudrillard writings before you hit up some of the more classical historical narratives.

If you’re looking for an edged discussion of the current events around the time of the Kryptos instillation, go read some Baudrillard.

If your aim is remain in culpable ignorance to retain plausible deniability then by all means avoid the Baudrillardian otherwise you may end up a little more skeptical and a little more pragmatic.