Burn After Reading (2008)

Wow, loads funnier than I originally thought this would be.  It’s sort of like Wes Anderson and the Coen brothers spent a meaningful afternoon together and this script awkwardly appeared 9 months later.

For the first hour?  I’m really glad we had Brad Pitt.  Yeah yeah, the others put in some strong one-dimensional performances but seeing Chad Feldheimer gallivanting around made it easy to watch middle-aged people piss and moan and fuck around.  The first two thirds of the movie are these Andersonian grown-up children with no apparent responsibilities and no consequences but the last third was pure Coen brothers and felt like a big city Fargo.  It all tied together and leaves you shaking your head.  I’m really glad those boys were writing and directing though because so much of this movie is First World Problems and shitty people pettiness that if no one had died we would have hated it.

I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen a spy movie like this one.

Novelty is a virtue in any genre and whatever its failings, this one was certainly different from its peers.

It also will give many of you a great way to spot the fake CIA buildings a la Hollywood.  See if you can spot what’s wrong with this picture from the credits:

No Kryptos?