Bad Company (2002)

I liked it.  I liked it even though it involves a plot centered around 2 twins.  I liked it even though that plot was stupid and predictable.  It felt like Chris Rock was on display just for contrast with White CIA which didn’t do him much justice, the writing for his character could have been much better – he was under-utilized.  I know people have a hard-on for Anthony Hopkins but it felt like a lazy Lecter was on set instead and it’s inexplicable that he would like or care for Jake Hayes, ever.  Speaking of, did anyone else think it was weird that Brooke Smith (aka Catherine Martin) was his girlfriend?  And finally, Joel Schumacher, although tempered by Jerry Bruckheimer, is still a good reason for why people don’t like this movie.

It was unique for once that the CIA was on the good side and that the motivation was money AND helping save lives.  It was unique for a handler to show empathy or consideration for morality or fair play with an asset.  It was nice to see a team at work together instead of the lone hero.  It was a jumble of impressions which included 2001’s Double Take and Besson’s Nikita among others.  I’m not sure what the term is for a movie where a normal guy unbelievably quickly learns what takes the real professionals years to do and saves the day.  I’m also not sure what the term is for a movie where the hero has his normal life interrupted for this amazing story and then tapers back into normal life albeit maybe a little better off than at the beginning.  Both mechanisms happen here and while they are as time-honored as mixed-stereotype buddy cop movies, it hinders rather than helps.

Maybe sometimes it’s nice to see well-done mediocre movies instead of poorly done mediocre movies?