All the President’s Men (1976)

I liked it.  It’s a fairly important time period in American politics and the intelligence community and I would consider this movie to be “required reading”.  That or read the book, they’re both pretty similar.

It’s interesting to see news reporters using methods like developing assets, establishing trust and credibility, performing multiple interviews/interrogations, determining organizational hierarchies, following leads, etc. etc.  Felt was ideologically and revenge turned into a very fruitful source of information on the whole process.

I always thought the weird thing about tricky Dick was that he was genuinely unaware of the burglary but was suck a sinkhole of humanity that with everything else he had going on, it was just one more thing to cover up and move on.  And it was the cover-up itself that was his undoing.  If he had just come out and said that one of his employees had unilaterally hired 5 men to break in and bug the place, that they were being prosecuted, and extend his fake heartfelt apologies to the DNC by rolling some heads then the whole thing would have blown over and he could have continued on in his infamy.  But he was so crooked that the thought of behaving honestly about one dirty trick was incomprehensible.

The mid-70’s were a hard time for the public’s faith in their government and the intelligence community.

The curious thing is why did we ever trust a President ever again?  Why did Bush Jr’s War on Terror ever happen?  It’s because his administration were cutting their teeth on malfeasance during the Nixon Administration.  25 years later, they were back in power and had the ride of their lives for 8 years.

To truly understand our political history almost requires the same tools to track the evolution, speciation, and natural selection of various groups, individuals and political clades.  It can be very challenging especially with the constant efforts of those studied to emphasize some facts/lies while concealing others.