I’ve already described the Fractionated Morse code cipher and Cipher Clerk, let’s cut to the chase:

Regular alphabet

L   E   O   T A   W R     A R     I   W   E T   T W   S    
R   M D   T     A E N       O D     S   S   M T   I W   E I
E   T         U   T T


Y P M   N N N T E P I S A   E A 2 U   P N   O D M   T   I N
N N N N N N T E A O I A I   T   N N N E W E   T N N E R N N
N N T     N N   F   V N E U E V E

I tried palimpsest, abscissa, medusa, hydra and various other iterations.

If we were to start with the Morse code, we wouldn’t in theory have access to the plaintext of the Copperplate so our possible keywords are limited.  Also, it is doubtful that anyone would try more than the first two I did even if they were to consider this type of cryptosystem and then conclude the Morse code translation of the copper sheets was random, useless words.

It was nice to try.