Cloudburst (1951)

Would it matter to you that this was written by one of the guys who thought up the one-time pad and did code support for the Special Operations Executive?  He was the one Bletchley Park let get away.

This is one of the only spy movies that actually involves cryptanalysis.  It didn’t captivate me but it was pretty alright.  If you like Kryptos then you’ll like it simply to see 5-letter blocks on the big screen.  It’s not really a classic spy movie in that it features intelligence activities like set pieces and back-story.  It’s really an accident/revenge movie.  I agree with Robert in the above clip that it would really be a good possibility for a gritty remake.  There were points where you could almost feel the intelligent savagery come through reminiscent of Liam Neeson in Taken but then they fade into 50’s melodrama.  This is a movie that could have been but wasn’t.

I suppose there were limits to what could be accomplished in film back then but modern audiences have a greater taste for what Marks likely imagined as he sat down to put pen to paper.

The lost masterpiece combination of cryptographer with paramilitary resistance fighter avenging the death of his love…