The Peacemaker (1997)

What a mediocre movie from what could have been a great movie.  The story was pretty good and the events made alright logical sense.  The sleuthery of government intelligence was not bad as well.  I think it’s the parts that don’t make sense or are stupid that maybe hurt it.  Dr. Julia Kelly is also a fly in the ointment.

I like George Clooney.  He does seem to expect his “charm and wit” are overpowering but they diluted an otherwise solid performance as action heroes go.  I really liked Marcel Iures, a little melodramatic, but a great villain still in touch with his humanity and not as cartoonishly evil as the bad guys you usually find in action movies.  I don’t really like Nicole Kidman but I don’t think this one was her fault.  Her character was part of the problem, the writing was the rest.  Dr. Kelly contributes a lot of nothing to the story and the character seems to have been rewritten as a sidekick to shoehorn Kidman into the film.  She’s new to her job, is a “civilian” career government employee, and is supposed to be in charge but trails Clooney all over the world like a puppy.  Why is the presidential liaison task force director acccompanying her insolent pet army colonel into a the meeting with the traffic coordinator?  Did you notice her car make contact with Iures?  She must have gone to parallel park because he gets away.  Time after time she makes these stupid choices.  Her leadership skills are non-existent.  We have expectations for certain relationships in pairing of personalities in movies like this because they are either very funny, allow for significant character development, or make important social messages.  Kidman’s character was so bland and useless that I wish they’d cut her out and made Clooney take things a little more or even less seriously.

The follow up sequel could be about how these two jackasses started WWIII with the Russians.  Notice how all of the political and international consequences of their actions are never mentioned?

I had no expectations but this not a horrible movie or a good one, more just a waste of time.  And don’t watch it on Netflix, there’s no subtitles for the Russian dialogue.

p.s. I still like the premise though.  Dumb movie but the ideas were good.