Look, if WIRED can use Kryptos filler then so can I.  I’m still trying to figure out where to go with things.  It’s tempting to try a transposition with the 98 letters instead of the 97 and see if I can get the KR-YP-T-OS to line up.  Probably a dumb idea but I’ve got nothing better to try…

The National Security Archive was the one to let everyone know we could read what was already online.  Artist rendering and link in the following image:

It’s a little highfalutin at times but it’s fun to read and see how he did it.

In case you didn’t catch it with the WIRED link or the CIA link or the stacks of paper links, here it is one more time to the account of David Stein on how he solved the first 3 parts:

David Stein solves first three parts of Kryptos Link – Click here

Funny how this never showed up in my FOIA even though it was approved for release in 2009.  Hmm…