The Quiller Memorandum (1966)

Well that was a shame, I really liked Adam Hall’s (Elleston Trevor’s) Quiller in paperback.  I thought the plot was weak and uninteresting.  The actors were the redeeming quality of the movie.  Barely anything happens!  Here, I’ll sum up the entire movie in one sentence:  Quiller arrives in the middle of a mysterious investigation only to be captured early in his investigation, is inexplicably released, blunders back into the bad guy’s lair and then gets chased around the city on his way to his ambiguous ending.  You can make movies like The Spy Who Came In From The Cold in the Bond era but you can’t expect too much from the audience.  You can’t expect us to make the connections between stated goals and achieved goals in Cold War democracies.  You can’t expect us to understand how the juicy subplot of Nazi teachers and coaches is inexplicably dropped by the protagonist because he is simply too tired to pursue them.  You can’t expect us to care more about your narrative than all of the much more interesting side-stories.  This movie could have been a lot of things but was far short of its potential, which is very disappointing.

I really, really liked George Segal in this movie but wonder if he’s a little more charismatic than the character he was supposed to be playing.  Max von Sydow was great as Oktober and of course Alec Guinness was good as well.  Too bad the screenplay was so lame.

It was okay but not an amazing movie…