Okay, so we mulled over the possible Kryptos keywords anagrams and in doing so, two other someones brought up a very interesting possibility.

Okay, here’s the comments:


With the derivation of the keywords still not known (that I’m aware of) and for me personally a lot of the overall big picture of the installation being unsatisfying. (Morse code, granite slabs, reflecting pool, letter of dedication, misspellings, etc.) An anagram game with keywords seems to be another potential black whole of rabbit trails. There is much that can suck one in all over the installation. The Extra ‘L’ on the tableau side, and the raised letters on the ciphertext are additional areas.

All that said, the PS its as simple anagram is a nice reminder to keep things simple and not get in over your head. I know I’ve spent too much time running down ‘sure things’ that turned out to be interesting at best, delusional more likely.

I still like to believe there is a beautiful big-picture ‘Ah-ha’ that would tie all these disparate items together into one impressive piece of artwork. Not that what is currently known isn’t impressive, it just remains unclear. Of course, this is personal wish as well as most great art is left open to interpretation and allows for personal meaning to be gleaned without a lot of dictating.


Hahaha disparate


NIce catch! Yeah, the proper spellings of the misspellings is another area where I think there’s plenty of unearthed material to be revealed.

It’s significant because I don’t remember anyone observing that “DESPARATLY” could have been intended as “DISPARATELY” and not “DESPERATELY”.  Aside from the reference “Slowly, desperately slowly it seemed to us as we watched,…” [The Tomb of Tut.ankh.Amen, vol. I, by Howard Carter and Arthur C. Mace (London, 1923), pp. 95-96] both are equally likely in that we are to change one letter and add an E.

It’s clever wordplay and that’s always a fun way to pass the time.

What other possibilities are there for Iqlusion, Undergruund, and Desparatly?