While contemplating Kryptos,  I was trying to think of ciphering schemes that could enable one to mask the frequency counts.  Don’t we have enough traditional methods that we don’t need to go inventing others?  Oh yeah, definitely but it’s not like knowing about them has helped us with K4 though, has it?  This is a method I came up with:

Castor Cipher

It might have enough similarities to something Ed Scheidt could have done that I’d be interested in trying to break K4 in a similar fashion.  Problem is, I don’t really know how.  It’s just a pencil-and-paper cipher so it can’t really be all that hard so I thought I’d have a little contest:

A Cryptanalysis Contest

Here’s the ciphertext:


All the information you’ll need are in the two links above.  It’s simply a modified substitution scheme with nothing else tossed in to make it worse – no transpositions or vigeneres to solve.  It’s in the correct order but I removed punctuation because I didn’t want to make it too easy and because K4 doesn’t have any.

I’ll be curious to see if anyone can break it.