Doubt it.  From the pictures, there doesn’t seem to be font differences in K4 which is the method used to encode with a Bacon cipher.  If used, this ciphering would be very obvious but not very effective given the small amount of text in K4.  Bacon’s cipher uses 5 font/type indicators for every encoded letter, we’d only get a message of about 19 letters.

There are better descriptions online elsewhere but in brief, the Bacon cipher is more a form of steganography.  There is a regular message that the hidden message in incorporated into.  One benefit is that you can basically write almost anything you want because the ciphertext lies not in the letters but in the attributes of the letters: bold, italics, different font, different size, etc.  The strength of steganography lies in hiding in plain sight so the Bacon cipher is of limited usefulness because almost anyone glancing at the stego text will see something fishy going on.

So just from the physical appearance of the Kryptos Copperplate ciphertext, we can rule out a Bacon cipher.