I’m not sure but I don’t think so right now.

I’ll set up the premise for you and you can decide…


  1. It can be assumed that keywords and cipher methods are given in some manner. It wouldn’t be fun to expect us to brute force the whole thing.
  2. The Morse code and first three sections of copperplate have been translated.
  3. The keywords/methods descriptions one would expect have not been found yet.
  4. K1 keywords were kryptos and palimpsest. K2 keywords were kryptos and abscissa. K3 keyword was kryptos.
  5. It’s possible to find palimpsest, abscissa and quagmire iii jumbled in the deciphered Morse code but they are not in any discernable order. Route and enciphered shift are also retrievable.
  6. The Morse code letter frequency is similar to standard plaintext values so it is likely to be a transposition or other non-substituting cipher.
  7. The most common transpositions (and easiest to teach) are in squares or rectangles.
  8. There are 81 letters in the Morse code which can give either a 3×27 grid or the more likely 9×9 grid.9x9 grid
  9. The way the method would work is that we would reverse engineer the order the ciphertext (translated morse code) would be pulled off the table and then examine the newly filled table to see the order in which we could pull off a secret message. Kryptos Morse Code Transposition Table
  10. By using palimpsest and abscissa as a check for success, it should be possible to determine any correct orientations. Any correct orientation would have these because how else were we supposed to know the keywords? Kryptos we could guess but abscissa and palimpsest are not exactly common.
  11. There are two methods to solving this little problem. The first is to attempt every method of laying the ciphertext in the grid possible and hope to find the correct one. The second is to attempt to force an alignment of the known keywords (palimpsest and abscissa) and other retrieved words (like quagmire) to the phrases from the morse code.

I followed this logically and spent the past couple days trying everything I could to get it to work. Just because I failed doesn’t mean it won’t work. It would be of some benefit to try some computer work to speed up the process and increase the accuracy.

It’s a nice idea but sadly it didn’t pan out. I could get partial fits but then would not be able to get the rest of the phrases to align properly. My best success was with quagmire. I like to announce my failures in the hopes that anyone reading will be saved some time and hassle.

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