Commissioned by the GSA in cooperation with the CIA’s Fine Arts Commission, K4 reads:


Whoever solves it becomes famous, gets the keys to the kingdom and gets to marry the princess. Well, no, not really but they do get our respect and admiration. And they actually do ge to be famous…

No one has solved this one yet. How do I know? Because even if it doesn’t yield some fantastic universal truth and they didn’t solve the overall riddle of Kryptos, most people won’t care and will still think they are an intellectual giant. Most people wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of telling the world that they solved what no one in the world, the CIA or the NSA has been able to solve. And no, not any 3 letter acronyms have solved it either because they would want bragging rights and the chance to redeem themselves for not being able to conquer something they see everyday at lunch. It sits, cold and lettered, mocking them…

This leads us to try some pretty crazy things.

Kryptos Fan