I believe there is another message in the following letters that gives directions to a 4-part puzzle involving encrypted text.



I’ve even made it a new contest.

I am sure  “palimpsest” and “abscissa” are definitely in the message.

It is also possible that “two rotations” or “double rotation” or “route” or “columnar” are in there if that helps narrow down what it could say.

The problem I’m running into is that I’m just not quite good enough to use all of the letters to be sure we’ve found the message.

My 1st try.

My 2nd try.

There are always some folks around the world looking to conquer Kryptos so your efforts are heartily appreciated. Plus, all I really want is the keyword message so the credit will go solely to the alt.anagrams group if they are able to retrieve the keyword message.

Thanks for stopping in! Please use the Comments section to discuss as needed and propose possible solutions. It will be apparent to the Kryptos folks if you’ve succeeded. Don’t feel as though you can’t poke around my site or related sites for help in what it should say.

Thanks again,

Kryptos Fan