The NSA finally responded to my Kryptos FOIA (2 years later) and it wouldn’t have been possible without Pamela Phillips so rag on the NSA all you want but their FOIA/PA office was wonderful to work with.  Not only did they answer my emails but served my FOIA request in the midst of this summer’s surveillance kerfuffle.

Follow the picture link to start:

Or, if you like text links: click here to start at page 1 of the NSA’s response to my Kryptos FOIA.

I put everything up so no one wondered if I kept anything significant back, there’s some duplication between memos.  Keep in mind that they basically just handed me the same sheets they gave to Elonka but these were mine so I get to post them.  If you haven’t seen them and/or are just starting out with Kryptos, they make for some interesting reading.

I included the cover letter because I’d like to send an appeal for more information.  Everything they sent us is 20 years old!  So as you read through, please make any observations in the comments but also include any questions you think might be worth putting in the appeal.  I put little page links under each jpeg to take you back and forth between pages.

Thanks!  Happy reading!