Attached are an experiment on the K4 section of Kryptos, I figured if you liked my concept you could put it onto your blog as another attempt at solving it, this may lead to others viewing it and either seeing something I missed, or realizing it’s a dead-end and not wasting time on it, both of which are beneficial to the puzzle as a whole

Also, as I have pre-nulled the section, others can easily just punch the letters in and apply different deciphering methods to it, to try to find anything

I have attached the images in their intended order, if you choose not to upload them to your blog that’s fine, it was a small attempt at finding something, anything, but I personally cannot go further with it, as I am just a novice at this as of now










I always think sharing ideas and efforts should be encouraged.  Maybe someone out there will derive some inspiration from John’s efforts.  Please give it some consideration and give him some comments.

Thanks for sending this in John!

If anyone else would like their work put out there in a public forum please feel free to email a description or pictures of your efforts to kryptosatfandotcom.