Well Kryptos fans, it’s not really a power outage though, more of a learning curve.

I’m not but I am

It’s more that I need context.  I need good questions.  I need better questions.  I need really, really good questions.  I need questions so good that these guys won’t be able to resist answering.  More research, better development, better better better!

Unfortunately it’s taking me awhile.  I’m trying to read books, watch movies, learn history, anything to get caught up and know what exactly to ask.

I’m pretty sure I’m only going to have one shot at this.  Not to be dramatic but to even have a chance of getting people I’ve never met who are simultaneously hounded by the media and yet inclined to secrecy to talk, well, these will have to be questions they’ll want the chance to answer.

By the way, anyone have anything they are just dying to ask about Kryptos?