There are a lot of people involved in aspects of Kryptos aside from the obvious of Jim Sanborn.  What about trying to contact these other guys?

Let’s see…

Edward Scheidt, then retiring Chairman of the CIA Cryptographic Center, now founder of TecSec

William Webster, then DCI, now Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council

Jim Gillogly, then 1st civilian to break K1-3, now writer and editor

David Stein, then CIA analyst, now ?

Ken Miller, then NSA employee, now ?

Dennis McDaniels, then NSA employee, now ?

How about James Sanborn’s assistants during the Kryptos creation-installation period?

I think his girlfriend is off-limits unless they ever break up for some reason.  Although it might be interesting to formulate some basic questions they could answer together just to show their perspective as a couple with a secret that draws national interest.

Anyone else who might be responsive to a carefully worded letter of Kryptos-related questions?