For any Kryptos attemptees, there is a site called Kryptosclue where you can submit all your answers to K4.

Recently someone asked about the submission process.

This prompted an email to Washington Graphics Services, the company who built the site for James Sanborn.

Hey guys, a few of us have tried to use the page you guys built for James Sanborn:

Someone said they’ve been waiting 2 weeks to get a positive or negative response.  I realized none of us are very sure how it works or how many other people have made submissions.  Do we get an email if our submission is wrong?  Do we get one if it’s right? 

I haven’t even gotten close to solving the fourth part of kryptos but I tried a test entry “whowatches” which is 10 letters and my email “”.  This is the message I was taken to:

STOP! Message not sent. The text you entered is forbidden or the Email Field is blank, it includes one or more of the following: content-type: mime-version multipart/mixed Content-Transfer-Encoding to: cc: bcc: \n \r Click back on your browser, remove the above characters and try again.

I can pass along anything you folks have to say to the rest of the hobbyists but I’m kind of wondering how many other people are having similar issues.  Are there restrictions on what we can enter?  Are certain emails prohibited?



After a little poking around and an awesome observation by someone else, we realized that there is a default error with the submission site.

With typical internet impatience over having to wait 4 days for a response to an email from a company that makes it’s living from that internet, another email was sent with the new information.

The resounding silence after my last email aside, I’m pretty sure we figured out what’s wrong with your webpage for Jim Sanborn, on our own, without your help, for the site you people designed, that’s intended to serve a purpose, that it can’t because of the way you’ve set it up.

In the area where you can enter your email address, it auto-fills a space at the beginning which unless you delete before trying to enter your submission will result in an error message.

Would it be possible for someone to fix the site?


At which point WGS finally responded:

I forwarded your first email to Jim Sanborn and we have yet to get a reply. We can only edit/change his site when he so directs.

John Mier


I guess on the plus side, they know it’s a problem and on the other plus side Jim Sanborn has been forwarded the first email which has more pertinent questions that might actually help us if they’re answered.

Now we just have to wait…