So just to refresh everyone’s memory, these are the results from the first Kryptos FOIA from 2005 now in our own grubby little hands.  Enjoy!

My revised Kryptos FOIA Request

CIA response letter

Crappy picture of Kryptos

Kryptos CIA Art Bulletin, page 1 and page 2

Kryptos Art Announcement of Sanborn’s Selection

Sanborn’s Letter to the CIA about Kryptos, page 1 and page 2

William Webster’s comments at the Kryptos dedication, page 1 and page 2

Original Anti-Kryptos Flaming Thread

Anti-Kryptos Petition, page 1 and page 2

Apologetic Response to Anti-Kryptos Sentiment

Non-Apologetic Response to Anti-Kryptos Sentiment

Official Response to Anti-Kryptos Sentiment

Anti-Kryptos Backpedaling

Didn’t see most of that coming.  Looks like there were still a few Kryptos surprises.