We’ve hit that magical number where we are over 20 days past my submission of the Kryptos FOIA letters.

So far only the FBI has responded and without any tangible information.  I’m not sure how this works but I figure worst case scenario they don’t count the 20ish days until they receive it.  From the FBI letter, it seems like it takes 6 days to get to that part of the world from my part of the world.  That would put us at October 18th as the possible day the CIA and NSA received their letters giving them another 6 days or until November 8th to get their response out.  Conceivably that would mean they could just shove it in the mail and it would show up on November 14th and still be within the limit where they can charge me whatever they want.  Theoretically.  Practically, I’m hoping they just give it all to me for free and my only heartache is scanning it all.

Wouldn’t that be nice?