Anyone ever consider filing a Freedom of Information Act Request for Kryptos with the CIA?

It sounds kind of interesting to search their already declassified documents etc. and you can do that online:




Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s plenty of spy stories and random little details that would cause innumerable books to propagate and proliferate.  That’s a little outside of my narrow focus here so let me just invite the entire world to start rooting around in there and maybe something good will show up.  There’s nothing searchable on Kryptos so far however.

Any votes on whether filing a request would be a good or bad idea?  Anyone ever have experience filing one of them?  Any ideas on avoiding the fees?  Any thoughts on whether we’d actually get anything worthwhile?  It doesn’t seem to lie within the exceptions.

I’m thinking that just asking via webform isn’t enough and it would likely take an official request.


Update:  According to an FOIA request was filled on October 3rd 2005 (F-2006-0oo05).