It’s not possible for KRYPTOS to have been inserted into a ciphered K4 text and then the whole transposed.  None of us saw why I was wrong until I had an epiphany coming home from work today.  The key to my wrongness is spelled NYP = BER.

There’s only one Y in K4.  Seriously, go double check.

It’s impossible for Sanborn to have added plaintext KRYPTOS back into K4 when he specifically clued us into the fact that NYPVTT = BERLIN.  If Y deciphers to E (however it may do that), then it is not artifact plaintext.

Yeah, sure, maybe he wrote the plaintext to give KRYPTOS in the ciphertext and then transposed that but trying to manipulate things to give meaningful letters in both plaintext and ciphertext like that is a daunting task at best.

It’s back to the drawing board for me.