Consider this my response to the New Scientist article on Kryptos.

How do you transpose something like 97 letters?  The letter length is obviously correct especially from Sanborn’s recent statements.  We would know we have the right method because the letters KRYPTOS would be aligned even though the rest would be gibberish.

Try it.  So far I’ve tried clockwise and counterclockwise working outwards from OBKR…  Then I tried filling vertical columns.  Then I tried a back and forth method that was quite a bit better.

So you can see things start lining up better but not perfectly.  The TOS needs to be shifted 3 letters.

So this is what I think happened.  I think Sanborn wrote a 90 letter message, enciphered it, then added KRYPTOS and 3 null characters.  Then he transposed it and removed the 3 null characters.  It’s easy enough to do even for someone not very good at this stuff but hard enough to reverse that it could have easily stumped us all for years.

That’s how you write something about Kryptos that is more than just a regurgitation of what any fool could find online.