Excitement drained away to nausea at the bland flavor of the New Scientist article from May 18th, 2011.

The problem isn’t that they published lies or misleading evidence.  It was a decent summary of things as they are.  For anyone new to Kryptos, it’s a great place to start.  You also have to register (free) just to find out that it’s about what you’d find in the Wikipedia article.  Don’t get me wrong, it fits in well with their 8 unbreakable codes but what was the point?  Generate page-views, attempt to boost readers, what?  Is that why I’m posting about it or was it the subject?  It wasn’t that new or informative so the only conclusion we have is that they are exemplifying why people don’t read magazines anymore.  Just because you pander to an online audience doesn’t mean your content won’t still suck.

Unpaid Critic