I think he’s right but I’ve never quite heard it worded that way before.  On the plus side, I think I’ve done a good amount of work assisting in making Kryptos part of ETEWAF.

So we’re stuck now.  Those picking artistic interpretations have gone down the rabbit hole and never come back but those who’ve stayed hardliners with straight ciphering have nothing to show for it.  Ed Scheidt and Jim Sanborn thought this would be challenging but beatable in a few weeks for someone with a pencil and a sheet of paper working over their lunch-breaks.

BERLIN was useless as a clue to me.  I’d hoped others would be able to use it in some brilliant way to finally finish it off but have been disappointed.  Maybe people just don’t care anymore.

Maybe the fanatics know too much to see the obvious but I only started this a year and a half ago.  I’m not sure my earliest postulates were any closer than I am now and that was when I knew hardly anything about Kryptos.

If brute force, known-plaintext attacks and batshit crazy methodology doesn’t work, then I’m not really sure how to proceed…